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Here are some favorite projects made with RocketLife Light

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A young friend wanted to be a thundercloud for Halloween, so we helped set up the lighting for his costume. Notice the lovely diffusion from the pillow stuffing.

To light up this cotton hoodie, we cut up an addressable LED strip and attached it to a flexible backing, connecting the sections with wire. Then we attached the backing to the inside of the jacket and made holes for the LEDs to shine through.

When a beanbag hits the playing surface of this cornhole game, a vibration sensor triggers the first LED animation and sound. When the bag goes through the hole, a motion sensor triggers the second animation and sound. LightMobile selects programs via Bluetooth.

A motion sensor triggers the lights and sounds in this Halloween installation. To create the environment, we started with a photo of the entryway. Then we added animations, audio triggers, and motion-sensor inputs to the timeline. 

A RocketLife LightBoard in the under-seat bag animates three strips of addressable LEDs. We added a button to the handlebar to change programs. You can also change programs wirelessly from your phone, but that wouldn't be safe while you're riding, would it? 

A motion sensor beneath our entry sign triggers a welcoming animation when visitors arrive. Inside the sign we mapped a strip of addressable LEDs to three groups. One group lights the rocket icon, another lights the word RocketLife, and the third lights up the exterior. 

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