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A Totally New Approach to LED Lighting

There’s nothing better than seeing your projects lit up with amazing, animated lights. The problem is that even if you’re a great programmer, creating artistic lighting can be difficult and time-consuming. And if you aren’t an experienced programmer, you have to settle for presets or try to make someone else’s demo code do what’s in your head.

At RocketLife, we have years of experience crafting custom hardware and software to make visual effects, so we knew there had to be a better way. We developed Light to solve the technical problems we've seen over and over again, and create a hands-on, visual approach to lighting design. Create amazing visuals fast just by dropping effects on your timeline, then double-click any effect to reveal the advanced editing controls and go as deep as you want. (See Top 10 Features.)

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Top 10 Features

A Complete System

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Timeline Software

LightDesigner (Mac/Win)

Bluetooth Hardware

LightBox & LightBoard Mini

Mobile App

LightMobile (iOS/Android)

The Light Difference

We designed RocketLife Light from the ground up to help you tell stories with light. 

By developing all the parts together, we could reach deep inside the hardware to make it extremely high-performance, and design a graphic interface that makes it easy to create sophisticated effects. 

Because we’re makers too, we included tons of advanced options for designers, artists, and people who want to get even more creative. RocketLife Light supports a huge variety of popular LEDs, sensors, actuators, and serial peripherals.

When you’re creating, you want to move fast. So we built advanced wireless support right into Light. Both the plug-and-play LightBox and the compact LightBoard Mini include NFC and Bluetooth BLE, so you’re just seconds away from connecting to your projects. Response so fast, you can scrub the timeline and see your animations in real time on your LEDs, all the way across the room. 

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Do It All

Built-in Battery


Maker-Friendly Case

LightDesigner (Mac/Win)

LightMobile (iOS/Android)

MSRP: $99

Intro Price: $89

LightBoard Mini

Do It Small

Compact: 1” x 1.6”

Solder or Headers

Supports 5v & 12v LEDs

LightDesigner (Mac/Win)

LightMobile (iOS/Android)

MSRP: $35

Intro Price: $29

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